Complex Challenges. Innovative Solutions.  

The challenges of our time require new ways of thinking. Davis Pier takes an innovative approach to tackle societal challenges of every size. 

Our Purpose

We are a consulting firm dedicated to solving complex problems.  

Our sole purpose is to solve complex government and social challenges, while driving impact for the communities that we work in.  

There’s a reason we’ve developed a convincing track record in Atlantic Canada and beyond.

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Our Services

We offer tailored services to our public and community sector clients, integrating within the teams and ensuring we develop the right solutions for sustained improvement. Check out our service offerings, or reach out if you don’t see what you need. 

Strategy & Analytics
We offer a data-driven approach to developing or refreshing strategies. We understand best practices, engage stakeholders, and use advanced analytics to inform strategy and improve decision-making. 
Information technology is an important part of business improvement and organizational change. We help clients with technology strategy, system design, system selection, and have expertise in privacy and information sharing.
Many organizations are going through broad-sweeping organizational change. We support our clients through transformation by providing structure, process and plans that make the change possible.
We take a human-centred approach to service design by including the people we are designing for in all steps of the process. We believe it is important to involve clients and client-facing staff to co-design services and programs.

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Learn how to use social innovation labs to solve complex problems with our free whitepaper.

This paper provides insight on how governments can create the conditions for success, including governance best practices, and practical solutions for creating real buy-in from participants that need to be involved.