Health & Wellbeing

We integrate change management and applied social science with traditional consulting approaches to improve access to healthcare, quality of services, and quality of life.

Connecting people to healthcare and one another.

We leverage change management and applied social science alongside evidence-based policy and traditional consulting methodologies to improve access to healthcare, quality of services, and quality of life.

Davis Pier played a critical role in developing and operationalizing Nova Scotia’s COVID-19 testing strategies, ensuring that Nova Scotians had access to safe and rigorous testing processes.

—Nova Scotia Department of Health & Wellness

Health transformation and community-centered care

We believe that care begins with a comprehensive understanding of a community’s specific challenges, strengths, and needs. We work across the healthcare continuum to improve service integration, to co-design patient- and community-centered models of care, and to ensure programs, services, and infrastructure support individual and community wellbeing.

Primary Care

Primary health care is critical to meet the needs of people at the community level, integrate care across the healthcare continuum, and promote prevention, education, and behaviour change. Our expertise in the sector, knowledge of behavioural insights, and inclusive approach to engagement helps our clients ensure access, strengthen attachment, and improve outcomes for both people and systems.

Acute Care

Healthcare systems are facing a slew of challenges in the delivery of acute care—and challenges like overcrowding, surgery backlogs, and labour shortages are just the tip of the iceberg. The solutions to support people and improve service delivery aren’t one size fits all. That’s why we couple our expertise in the sector with intentional consultation and engagement to deliver community-centered solutions.

Long-term Care

Designing and delivering services in the sector requires cross-sector collaboration, active engagement with clinicians and community, and built-in measures of accountability. Our unique approach helps enable our clients to achieve the outcomes they want for people and service providers.

Home Care

The healthcare landscape and government policy are shifting to emphasize community-based care over hospital-centered models. This shift requires a significant transformation in service delivery—and this transformation requires partners with expertise in government services and the delivery seamless, holistic, and effective healthcare solutions. That’s us.

Public Health

We have a strong grasp of the current state of public health policy and delivery across the country—and a wealth of experience in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of public health programs and services. This expertise integrates with our broader understanding of the healthcare system to support our clients in developing holistic, human-centered services and solutions.

Workplace Safety

A culture of safety in the workplace is critical to supporting citizens and improving service delivery. Our expertise in transformation, change management, and behavioural science helps our clients develop programs and interventions that encourage the prevention of workplace injuries and provide support to those experiencing the impacts of them.

Wellbeing & Community Development

We know that people’s health and wellbeing is shaped by much more than the healthcare system—it’s about keeping people healthy and building resilient communities. Public policy is shifting to prioritize investments grounded in social determinants of health to move the needle on challenges like income equality, employment attachment, physical health, mental health, quality of environment, and strength of community connections. Embedding wellbeing frameworks into our approach helps influence equitable change and drive inclusive outcomes.

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