Our Story

We work with the public, social, and not-for-profit sectors to address complex issues that improve society.

Davis Pier is a social impact agency that also happens to be a consulting firm. 

We are a passionate and industrious bunch who put our varied expertise to work for the communities we serve. We are service designers, behavioural scientists, project managers, conveners, problem solvers, innovators, doers.  

We integrate unique approaches like human-centred design, behavioural science, and change management into how we tackle big problems with our clients and communities—and the solutions we deliver are better for it. 

Davis Pier and its sister entity, Pier Labs, are tackling tangible issues like disability supports, food insecurity, and healthcare transformation. And we’re driving impact with our special brand of expertise, cross-sector collaboration, and innovation.

Giving advice is easy. Conducting research and analysis is easy. But none of that work will have an impact if you haven’t invested in building trust and deep relationships with the people tasked with solving complex government and social challenges.

—Mike Davis, President & CEO, Davis Pier

Relationships. Trust. Collaboration. Impact.  
This is the Davis Pier Experience. 

Sure, we conduct studies and write reports. We have bench strength in data modelling and analytics. But we’re best known for rolling up our sleeves on the implementation of policy and programs—and for working in true collaboration with clients, partners, and community.  

This intentional approach to how we tackle complex policy challenges is critical to the long-term success of our clients’ efforts, to generating real results for real people, and to building trust with clients and community.

This trust is what makes Davis Pier what it is. Our clients trust us. Community trusts us. Our team trusts one another.

Davis Pier Signage in Halifax Office


Innovative solutions to complex government and social challenges


Supporting our community

by improving people’s lives

Supporting our clients

by changing how problems get solved 

Supporting our team

by creating the best work-life experience



We operate with openness and honesty and strive to do the right thing, even when it is unpopular or difficult.


We build and foster true partnerships with clients, putting them first whenever possible.​​


We strive to integrate all forms of diverse backgrounds, lived experiences, and ways of thinking into everything we do.


We are easy to work with, nimble, and open to new ways of doing things.​


We strive for excellence, positive impact, and achievement of results in everything we do.​​


We enjoy our work and one another​.​

Meet Our Team

We convene teams with diverse and complementary backgrounds to enhance the value we bring and the solutions we create. Our project teams are close-knit, dynamic, and quick on their feet.

Our team has a deep commitment to improving social outcomes, a healthy intolerance for the status quo, and the drive to make the world a better place. We care deeply about the people using public services, the people delivering those services, and one another.