Financing Affordable Housing through Community Bonds

Pier Labs

Community-led solutions have a critical role to play in how we increase affordable housing supply and build thriving communities in Atlantic Canada.

We recently hosted a webinar in partnership with Tapestry Community Capital to dig into the housing ecosystem in the region and how social financing tools like community bonds can help fuel housing solutions and better outcomes for communities.

The need for more affordable housing across the country has never been more pressing. Yet one of the key challenges facing community housing providers and projects is securing financing from traditional lenders.

Social financing tools like community bonds offer a promising solution—allowing communities and community housing providers to leverage their networks of supporters to raise capital and finance new or existing affordable housing projects.

Tune in to the webinar recording for the full discussion and, if you’re interested in learning more, reach out any time.

Pier Labs is using applied research and innovation to improve government, health, and social programming. Our team has extensive expertise in mixed methods research, behavioural science, service design, and evaluation. We are diverse, skilled, and have a proven ability to connect and foster partnerships across sectors to solve problems creatively and collaboratively. 

Tapestry Community Capital is a leading service partner to community organizations raising investment. Using an innovative financing tool called community bonds, Tapestry’s experienced team supports nonprofits and cooperative organizations in mobilizing their communities and turning their social capital into financial capital. 

As a participant in the CMHC’s Housing Supply Challenge, Tapestry supports affordable housing providers across the country in raising community bonds to buy property and build and preserve affordable housing. Meanwhile, these organizations offer their communities a chance to invest in their neighbours’ wellbeing and earn both financial and social returns. For more on Tapestry’s affordable housing work, click here

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