Davis Pier Consulting celebrates five years with expansion to Toronto and the launch of Pier Labs

Davis Pier Consulting Celebrates Five Years with expansion to Toronto and the launch of Pier Labs

Davis Pier

Halifax, Nova Scotia–(April 24, 2019) – Davis Pier is pleased to celebrate five years in business with the opening of a new Toronto office and the launch of Pier Labs, their new social innovation outpost.

Davis Pier was established in 2014 by Mike Davis and Darryl Pierrynowski. Over the last five years, they have recognized a gap in consulting for more evidence-based policy development and innovation for government clients. In recent years, the driving philosophy behind their work is that government services whether healthcare, education, or social programs, should first be tested before being rolled out on a broader level. It is this principle that has fueled the company’s growth.

Since inception, the company has grown to 25 consultants and has collaborated on projects with clients in 25 countries.

Mike Davis comments, “We are driven by the science behind policy making and the challenge of finding innovative solutions through structure, rigour and evidence. We firmly believe this will lead to faster, better outcomes and we’re excited to be expanding our offering. We are also excited about the growth this is creating for our firm and our expansion into the Toronto market.”

In tandem with this, they are launching Pier Labs, a social innovation outpost focused on how behavioural science, evidence and experimentation can work for government.

Pier Labs will work with partners in government, healthcare, academia, and the not-for-profit sector to help solve some of the toughest problems the country is facing. From healthcare, employment, and poverty, to education and public safety, their approach is to use behavioural science and evidence to develop policy and program improvements that are then rigorously tested through experimentation.

Specifically, this work will include:

• Nudge projects –behavioural insights projects to test interventions and small changes to programs that have a big impact.
• Randomized control experiments –field experiments to measure the impact policy and program changes have on people’s wellbeing.
• Social science and economic research – partnerships with experts in social sciences and economics to incorporate academic evidence and best practice into designs.

About Davis Pier
Davis Pier is a consulting firm that provides innovative solutions to complex government and social challenges. They work with public, non-profit, and private sector organizations in Canada and internationally to deliver the services necessary to improve society and the lives of others by designing, planning, and implementing lasting change. Their projects include work in a variety of domains including healthcare, education, employment, social services, public safety, business regulation, citizen services and diversity and inclusion. Their core services include Strategy and Analytics, Design, Transformation, People and Technology.

About Pier Labs
Pier Labs is a federally incorporated non-profit organization. Its purpose is to work with government, community organizations, post-secondary institutions, charities, foundations, and private sector organizations to conduct research and innovation on complex societal issues impacting the well-being of Canadians. It focuses on the use of behavioural science, experimentation, and evidence-based policy to drive social innovation.

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