Davis Pier and Feed NS – Fighting Food Insecurity in NS

Davis Pier and Feed NS – Fighting Food Insecurity in NS | DAVIS PIER Consulting, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Davis Pier

Davis Pier Consulting’s social innovation outpost, Pier Labs, has run a successful Food Inclusive Housing prototype and sees further opportunity to support Nova Scotians faced with the challenges of food insecurity.

Two years ago, the Province of Nova Scotia committed to a four-year Poverty Reduction Blueprint that included funding social innovation labs with a goal to co-create and test new approaches to complex social challenges. Davis Pier lead the innovation lab on food security from January 2018 – June 2019. Phase 1 involved research to understand the problem and the development of concepts to address food security. Phase 2 involved designing and testing an operating service prototype to understand the outcomes for participants and sustainability of the model. The service model was called Food Inclusive Housing and the prototype ran in the community of Amherst over three months.

Mike Davis and Nick Jennery, executive director of Feed Nova Scotia recently joined Information Morning host, Portia Clark to discuss the success of this pilot project. You can listen to the interview here and read more on CBC News.


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