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The Challenge

Ridesharing and “vehicle-for hire” companies are economic disruptors. They have contributed to the boom of the gig economy and driver-for-hire roles provide more flexible opportunities for employment.  

Canada Safety Council identified a gap of critical safety training for workers—further complicated by the challenge of implementation across ridesharing companies’ more distributed business models. They partnered with Bluedrop ISM to develop an accessible online training program—striving to increase adoption and improve the training and certification processes. The pilot project was funded by Government of Canada’s Skills for Success Program.  

The Approach

Davis Pier supported the development of the Market Strategy and Program Evaluation for the online training platform developed to address this gap in safety training for workers in the gig economy, particularly ridesharing and vehicle-for-hire sectors in Canada.  

Our team conducted comprehensive market research to identify effective strategies for both targeting and engaging with target audiences for the online training program. This included government departments, not-for-profits, existing service providers, drivers and passengers across Canada.  

We leveraged our expertise in program evaluation to design and conduct an objective evaluation of the effectiveness and impact of the Driver-for-Hire Online Training Program. The evaluation was based on the program’s key metrics of success: accessibility for diverse audiences, increased knowledge and confidence in trainee driving skills and customer interactions.

The Work

Key deliverables developed through the project included: 

  1. Market Research Report. This outlined recommendations to meet program sustainability targets and identified existing and emerging market opportunities within the driver-for-hire industry. This work provided key insight into the market landscape and informed decision making regarding program sustainability and market expansion plans. 
  1. Program Evaluation Report. This report highlighted the evaluation strategy and data collection tools—and provided analysis of findings and success metrics for the pilot program. It served as a comprehensive assessment of the program’s effectiveness and impact, and provided key insights to inform future iterations and improvements. 

With Davis Pier’s flexible approach, the team was able to adjust the market strategy in real time to support the ongoing pilot design, development, and adoption strategies. While the program required specific areas of research, the team also provided relevant insights to the dynamics of driver-for-hire and the Canadian gig-economy. Overall, the strategies remained responsive to evolving needs and market dynamics throughout the project. 


participants completed the course 


surveys evaluations distributed


survey response rate

The Impact

Davis Pier supported the Canada Safety Council in ensuring that their project mandate and objectives were aligned throughout market research and evaluation of the pilot program.  

By attentively assessing the efficacy and impact of the Driver for Hire Online Training program, Davis Pier provided recommendations to support future program improvements and sustainability. These recommendations were strategically developed to drive further impact in line with Canada Safety Council’s broader mandate of reducing preventable deaths, injuries, and economic loss in public and private places across Canada. 


of drivers believe their knowledge increased as a result of the training


felt the course increased their confidence behind the wheel


demographic who participated in the course self-identified as newcomers 

Our close collaboration with the organization ensured the pilot program and our contributions not only met immediate project objectives but also contributed to Canada Safety Council’s mission of promoting safety. Our recommendations were intentionally designed to support and advance Canada Safety Council’s role as a credible third party committed to the best interests of Canadians.  

By collaborating closely with the Canada Safety Council team and aligning the pilot program with the organization’s core values and principles, we ensured the work contributed to their ongoing status as a trusted safety resource. 

“The course has made me feel more confident while I’m driving and I feel more comfortable and confident to apply for a job – like a taxi driver or a food delivery driver – because I’m qualified and I got a certificate.

Course participant

About Canada Safety Council

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