Welcome to the Taking Care of the Valley Project 

We're working to generate and test ideas on how to support the caregiving needs of working women in the Annapolis Valley. 


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We are looking for working women and business owners across the Valley (West Hants to Annapolis County) to share their experiences with caregiving.

Do you provide care for someone (a child, parent, partner, or someone else) and...

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  • Do you identify as a woman?
  • Do you need care services outside of Monday to Friday, 8AM-6PM?
  • Do you live in the Annapolis Valley?

If yes, then we want to hear from you!

How would it work? You choose from two options: You can take photos of your caregiving experience to share and talk about with us, or meet with us for a 1 hour interview. We will provide you with a camera if you decide to take photos.

Time/Compensation? We expect it to take 1-2.5 hours of your time depending on the option you choose. You will be compensated for your time. And we will help with transportation, and caregiving costs.

Why? We will use what you share to design and test supports for women like you in the Valley.

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Is your business located in the Annapolis Valley?Recruitment - Instagram  (1)

  • Do you own a business in the Annapolis Valley?
  • Are you concerned about how caregiving responsibilities impact your staff? 

If yes, then we want to hear from you!

How? Answer 5 short questions and attend an interview to share your experience of how caregiving has impacted your business.

Time/Compensation? We expect it to take 1.5 hours of your time. You will receive an e-transfer for your time. 

Why? We will use what you share to design and test supports that businesses like yours can use to help women caregivers you employ.

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Many people in the Annapolis Valley provide care for someone in their life. Whether it is for a child, partner, parent, or someone else, there are limited care supports to help people meet their daily care and respite needs. Accessing these supports can become even more challenging if you work outside the typical Monday to Friday, 8-6 workweek. Women often adjust their employment arrangements to provide care, resulting in reduced working hours, and lost income and employment

The Taking Care of the Valley Project seeks to develop and test supports that might address the current caregiving challenges in the region. The project will work to design concepts that could be further developed for business, government, and community to support women caregivers in the Annapolis Valley. During all phases of the project, learning from and engaging those most affected by the current care crisis in the region will be prioritized. Specifically, the Project Team will gather insights from the experiences of women working in the Annapolis Valley who need the help of external caregiving and respite services.



This project is being co-led by Pier Labs and a Steering Committee of women from across the Valley. Together we are carrying out research, designing and testing supports that address our project’s focus. To learn more about Pier Labs, click here. This project is funded by Women and Gender Equity Canada and done in partnership with the Valley Regional Enterprise Network.






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Contact the team: 

By phone: 1-844-217-0828

By email: takingcareofthevalley@pierlabs.ca 

By mail: Brewery Market, 1496 Lower Water St., Suite 430
Halifax, NS, Canada   B3J 1R9

Upcoming Events: 

(re)treat in Canning on February 13th 

Event details
Who: Women in the Annapolis Valley who care for loved ones (child, adult and/or respite)  outside of their work.

What: Caregivers drop in retreat! Have a cup of tea and enjoy a massage.

When: Monday, February 13th drop-in anytime between 3PM and 7PM.

Where: Canning Lion’s Club (1000 Seminary Avenue)

Cost: FREE!!

Annapolis Valley Workforce Update on February 16

Event details
: Employers in the Annapolis Valley

What: online Workforce update, Economic Development Information and ongoing projects by the Valley Regional Enterprise Network.

When: Thursday, February 16th at 10 am and 1 pm

Where: online, register through Event Brite 

Cost: FREE


Newsletter Issue I: Download our latest newsletter here!