Tessa Bulmer



Tessa (she/her) is an Associate at Davis Pier and works predominantly within the healthcare sector, with additional experience working with non-profits and other public sector departments and associations. She is passionate about improving processes through the delivery of sustainable and high-quality solutions. Tessa has experience in providing meaningful insights through process mapping, simulation, data analysis, and data visualization.

Tessa holds a MASc in Industrial Engineering from Dalhousie University, which resulted in 2 publications in Frontiers in Neurology focusing on acute stroke treatment. She also holds a BEng in Industrial Engineering where she graduated with Sexton Distinction and was the recipient of the Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation Marie Carter Memorial Undergraduate Engineering Ambassador Award.

Outside of work, Tessa enjoys spending time with friends and family, and is an Assistant Coach with the Dalhousie Women’s Volleyball team.

Tessa Bulmer