Shamar Burrows



Shamar (he/him) is an Analyst at Davis Pier, where he collaborates with public sector clients on various projects, including digital design, transformation initiatives, and the development and implementation of social policies for public sector clients. Shamar is passionate about change management, UX design, and fostering positive transformations within organizations and communities.

Shamar holds a Master of Public Administration, as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Major in Economics and a minor in Commerce from Dalhousie University. Shamar’s dedication and excellence have been recognized through several accolades, including the prestigious Dalhousie Community Impact Award. Additionally, he has achieved remarkable success in athletics, being a three-time AUS Champion, while also maintaining an outstanding academic record, earning the distinction of being named Academic-All-Canadian.

Outside of work, Shamar enjoys spending time with family and friends, exploring new places and cultures through travel, new culinary delights, attending live music events, participating in sports, and coaching basketball.

Shamar Burrows