Nicola Popp



Nicola Popp (she/her) is an Analyst at Davis Pier with a background in Neuroscience and Behavioural Research. At Davis Pier, Nicola has supported projects related to program evaluation, home care, and safety in the public sector. In her previous product research roles, Nicola has gained skills in data analytics, user testing, prototyping, and project management. She is passionate about leveraging behavioural science and psychology to improve evidence-based decision-making.

Nicola holds a Neuroscience PhD from Western University, a Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience MSc from Maastricht University, and a Psychology BSc from the University of Groningen. Her work has been published in peer-reviewed journals and she has been invited to present her work at a range of international conferences. Her academic background has strengthened her skills in quantitative and qualitative research methodology and analysis.

Outside of work, Nicola is passionate about dance and is dancing and teaching at a local adult drop-in dance studio. She loves bringing the joy of movement to people.