Laura MacAulay



Laura (she/her) is an Associate at Davis Pier with previous consulting experience focused on designing and implementing psychological health and safety solutions within organizations in the private and public sectors. Laura is passionate about building systems for people to thrive and enjoys learning and employing various ‘tools in the toolbox’ to do so, whether it is facilitating an Appreciative Inquiry session to uncover purpose, building out product roadmaps that are user-centric, designing intuitive roadmaps for change, or conducting mixed methods applied research to uncover diverse community perspectives. Laura’s ability to visualize, empathize, and solve problems allows her to be a catalyst for successful change and allows her to keep people at the heart of her approach.

Laura holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics, a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition from St. Francis Xavier University, and a certification in IDEO Human Centered Design certification from Acadia University.

Outside of work, Laura spends her time cooking up a storm, challenging friends to card and board games, and whenever possible, traveling around the world.

Laura MacAulay