Hailey Vidler



Hailey (she/her) is an Associate at Davis Pier and has a background in community development and cross-sector collaboration. At Davis Pier, Hailey predominantly works with the public sector and brings experience in project management, human-centred design, and public engagement. Hailey builds on her strong interpersonal and communication skills to address complex socio-economic challenges with a people-first approach.

Hailey holds an MSc in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability from the Blekinge Institute of Technology, and a BA with a joint-major in Development Studies and Anthropology from St. Francis Xavier University. She has continued her education by completing certificate programs related to the fields of facilitation, social innovation, systems theory, and evaluation.

Outside of work, Hailey enjoys good food in the company of friends (both old and new), attending events in Halifax, and endeavoring to keep her house plants alive.