Evan Bunkis



Evan (he/him) is an Associate at Davis Pier, who brings a strong analytical and collaborative skillset to his projects, which has been developed throughout his work with government, academia, and involvement in local NPOs. This includes direct skills in strategic planning, policy development, detailed procurement strategies, and project management. Throughout his work and studies, Evan has gained demonstrated experience in providing client-specific solutions within the Disability and Accessibility field. Being focused on person-first approaches, policy development and implementation, and team growth strategies, Evan’s primary objective throughout his work is to contribute to developing a more inclusive Nova Scotia.

Evan holds a Master of Public Administration from Dalhousie University, along with a B.A Politics (Honours) from Acadia University

Outside of work Evan can be found enjoying the outdoors on coastal roads with his road bike, hiking and camping in woods, or playing music alongside friends.