Braden Root-McCaig

Director of Impact and Partnerships


Braden Root-McCaig (he/him) is the Director of Impact and Partnerships at Davis Pier. He brings nearly two decades of expertise as a public policy and communications strategist across government, private, and non-profit sectors. His track-record of growing early-stage ventures and developing new organizational models leverages strategic thinking and social innovation to address key societal challenges such as public health, community development, and affordable housing.

While in government, Braden served at the federal and provincial levels, including as Chief of Staff to Toronto’s Deputy Mayor, before moving into executive roles at the Ontario Centre of Innovation, Loyalist College, and a global biotech foundation.

Braden holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Psychology and Philosophy from the University of Ottawa and is currently completing a Chartered Marketing designation. He serves as the Vice Chair of The Canadian Centre for Housing Rights, Canada’s leading non-profit advancing the right to housing.

Outside of the office, Braden enjoys testing canoe buoyancy on Canada’s white-water rivers, rock climbing throughout the Maritimes, and pondering impermanence during silent meditation retreats.