Taking Care of the Valley - Project Steering Committee Overview

Pier Labs is recruiting community members from the Annapolis Valley region to join the Steering Committee. The project is focused on designing new initiatives to integrate women’s caregiving duties and participation in the local economy. The Project is led by Pier Labs and supported by the Valley Regional Enterprise Network and will run for 18 months, beginning in January 2022. If you are interested in applying to join the Steering Committee, please complete this form on or before January 15th, 2022.

If you have questions about the project or the committee, please get in touch with Jane by email at jane.ouillette@davispier.ca.

Project Details

The goal of this project is to advance recovery from the current impacts of COVID-19 by addressing systemic barriers within the economic system. We will develop initiatives that integrate caregiving, work that is primarily shouldered by women, into the Annapolis Valley region’s economic recovery.  

The project will bring together caregivers and stakeholders to learn, generate creative ideas, and test these ideas through implementing small-scale prototypes. We will work collaboratively within the Annapolis Valley and aim to accomplish the following outcomes: 

  • Empower women caregivers
  • Understand care work and how it affects the social and economic wellbeing of women in a rural region
  • Increase involvement and collaboration across business stakeholders
  • Develop solutions by experimenting with new ideas and diverse stakeholders
  • Integrate care work into the regional economic development strategy

Steering Committee

The steering committee will be made up of majority women, and majority of people who have caregiving responsibilities. We are committed to forming a steering committee that’s representative of the diverse communities living and working in the Annapolis Valley with lived experience of care needs and barriers to employment or economic well-being.  We encourage applications from BIPOC, LGTBQ2S+, and people with disabilities as we strive to build a more equitable and inclusive society. Committee members should have an interest in community collaboration, exploring new ideas, and inclusive economic development.

The Steering Committee is responsible for making decisions related to the project’s focus and initiatives. Members will also support the project by sharing advice, personal experience, and connections within the region. Pier Labs will support the steering committee to ensure all voices are heard and the project timeline is on track. Committee members will be expected to attend monthly steering committee meetings (2.5 hours per month for 16 months) and attend full day research and design sessions in one of six locations or communities (2 full day events).

Pier Labs is committed to creating a culture of inclusion within the steering committee by reducing barriers for you to fully participate. All travel expenses and caregiving fees will be covered by the project, and you will be paid $20/hour if this role isn’t associated with your current job. We will work with the committee members to find times that align with schedules as much as possible. If there are additional costs for your participation (such as interpreters or assistive technology) please let us know and we will address them on an as-needed basis.

Selection Process

The application form is meant to share your contact information and share a bit about you to ensure this opportunity is shared with a broad audience. We will contact a shortlist of applicants for a discussion to get to know you better and answer questions about the committee or the project.

Information shared on the form is password protected and will not be shared with anyone outside the project team at Pier Labs. Selections will be based on meeting a broad set of demographic, regional, and economic perspectives for the committee, with an emphasis on ensuring those whose voice are most marginalized are represented.